Delete Gmail Account in Simple Steps

How to delete a gmail account? Having got created multiple Gmail accounts with no use then you can now delete gmail email account in simple way. But the thing is that you will not access all of Google products such as YouTube, Blogger, Google+, Calendar, and other applications to explore effectively when you delete gmail account.

However you want to delete unused gmail account definitely all data associated with that email service will be removed permanently that maybe personal content, Chrome bookmarks, Google drive digital data, Google Play Games, Music, YouTube subscriptions and other records of transactions. In addition you’re no longer get previous username to create gmail account in future once you done deleting gmail service.

Here Are Simple Steps to Delete Gmail Account Forever

Firstly Open and login to your existing Gmail Account with username and Password
delete gmail account permanently

Go to Your Profile Picture Click on it >> Again Click on My Account

delete gmail my account

You will be redirected to Full control Section of My Account Settings Go to >> Account Preferences > Click on Delete your account or services

delete gmail account preferences

Here you can go with either Delete products or Delete Google Account and Data

delete google account and data

This is all about choice to use gmail account or Google Services. Any way if you’re not interested in using specific Google services such as Gmail or Google+, absolutely you can delete them. Furthermore delete your entire Google Account too.

Depending on your Use of interest Click on any of the link > Re-enter Your Password for authentication
delete a gmail account

After that you will be guided to read Google Document and Suggestion details about your account. At the bottom of the page you have to check box which reminds that you acknowledge and responsible upon pending financial transactions charges. Again check box which follows that is all about you’re knowingly deleting your gmail account

That’s it click on DELETE ACCOUNT

delete gmail account

After that you will view a windows showing Your Google Account and All Your Data have been Deleted that’s the message you read after you delete gmail account.

gmail account deleted

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