How to Reset D-Link Router and Configure ADSL 2730U Modem for BSNL

Today, here you’re going to be trained on how to reset your D-link Router ADSL 2730U Modem configuration process for BSNL Broadband connection. Resetting D-link router means to the default factory settings and it will clear all your pre-setup home networking settings, it happens in context like when you forgot your SSID and Wi-Fi Password for multiple devices such as smart phones and laptops. Anyway, if you want to reset D-Link Router you can easily do it.

How to reset D-link 2730U ADSL Router/Modem.

If you have manual instruction guide of D-Link DSL Modem then follow it or else switch to this tutorial

At the back side of the Modem you will view label reset button

Insert a small object or pin and Press it for 5 seconds
Then the modem will automatically reboot to factory default settings.

After that you need to power off router for 20 seconds it will completely set to new settings where all previous network settings will be erased from your DSL router and ready to go for new network SSID and Password

That’s the proper method to reset you D-link router

How to Configure D-Link Router Modem 2730U for BSNL Broadband

First configure Modem with proper cable points to PC

Then Power On the modem

Open web browser > address bar > Enter >>

DSL Login Page opens > User Name-admin and Password-admin these are default. So you can continue
dsl router login

Then you will be guided to Setup Wizard < Click on it (It is Internet Connection Wizard)

internet setup wizard

dlink router setup

Then Check Time Settings > Automatically Synchronize with internet time server > Click on NEXT

dlink internet time settings

Here you need to select your (ISP) Internet Service Provider Protocol > PPPoE > Encapsulation Mode > LLC >VPI-0 and VCI>35

router configuration

Enter your ISP provided Username and Password then Click Next button

After that you will be driven to set wireless network name (SSID) and Security level. First type your preferred Network name and then choose WPA2-PSK then set a strong Password and do remember your SSID and Wi-Fi Password. Please enter the same key on your wireless devices to enable wireless internet connection that’s it click on Next

You’ll taken to setup DSL router Password – If you want to change the default then proceed with right password or else click on SKIP

That’s it you have successfully configured your D-Link DSL Router 2730U Settings. You will view the complete summary of router settings which includes IST, your ISP username, Password and SSID and Password in detail. Here Click on APPLY.

Go to DSL management > Click on Reboot. The recent changes will apply successfully
Restart your modem and computer you will now able to connect internet very speedily

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