Disa Whatsapp Media backup For Multiple Messaging Accounts

Disa is a free multi messenger app hub designed to unite all your social media messaging services in one device. In other words we can also say Disa is widely install to run two or more Whatsapp accounts in same android phone using mobile numbers. With Disa plugin manager, you can easily organize, merge, and import contacts from top messaging apps which include Facebook, Whatsapp that you engaged with friends and family members.

As WhatsApp allows you to send and receive SMS, images, audio, videos using your cellular network, Disa app also keeps you ease of building effective communication by enabling one or more messaging apps for that you just need to pick your service and organize it. Most of the mobile users run disa Whatsapp as dual account for alternative mobile number.

Disa Settings Media Backup

Here you’re going know how to backup disa WhatsApp media files into mobile storage or google drive. If you could not able to restore WhatsApp which is run through Disa here is easy guide and follow the simple video tutorial. This article is aimed to serve new users only if you feel its easy then feel free to switch another article.

How to Backup Disa WhatsApp Media in Device Storage

Firstly in your smart phone tap on Disa app soon after your 2 WhatsApp account will be opened if you have setup already.

Tap on General >> Auto Media Download this will enable if you want Disa to auto download media files. It is very helpful if your mobile phone has large amount of internal storage. Once you select the option no need to click the download button every time whenever you get shared videos, images and other media files.

To manually backup media files of your 2 Whatsapp account in your mobile phone storage. At the top right corner Tap on Settings Gear icon >> Advanced Settings after that you will view a pop up highlighting Backup & Restore click on it. Then select Manual Backup. (This will make a manual backup of Disa’s database and settings.)

After that you’re driven to Select Media type click on Media and chose Storage location. Here you will have two options whether in device storage or Google drive choose one. That’s it your done.