How to Hide Last Seen WhatsApp Status Time Stamp in Android Phone

Last seen time in WhatsApp tech update could be the center point if you want to argue with your friend when he/she couldn’t give response for the message that you sent. Unlucky not knowing about the latest privacy lock tool in WhatsApp, users feel a bit embarrass when others question in context like above.

Last Seen Status allows WhatsApp friends and family members spy on your most recent activity of time stamp. By default the last seen and WhastApp status feature is set as everybody that means anyone can see your personal info. To get away from those unpleased friends and other community people messages you better disable last seen time status in your WhatsApp account.

Steps to Hide Last Seen Status in WhatsApp Account

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for long time you need to ensure it is updated version or else go to play store. Ok let’s move on to how I hide last seen status in my WhatsApp Account.

Whatsapp chats

Open your officially registered mobile WhatsApp account

whatsapp settings icon image

At top right corner you will view a single vertical 3 dotted widget just Tap on it > Select SETTINGS
Next Again hit on > Account > Privacy > here you will view Last Seen, Profile Photo, and Status.

whatsapp privacy settings image

As I told you these are default settings showing everyone that reveals you’re presence in WhatsApp at some point of time.

whatsapp status option image

To hide whatsApp last seen click on Last Seen a pop up appears with choices who can see it >EVERYONE > CONTACTS > NOBODY here opt Nobody that will not share time session when you were last active in WhatsApp. The same process is applicable for STATUS too.

disabled whatsapp last seen status

Hope you guys found useful tip on how to hide disable WhatsApp Status and Last seen time. if you have queries and feedback just leave comment below.

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