How To Lock Apps in (MIUI7) Xioami Redmi 3S Prime Android Phone

Most of the Android users search in google play store for best free app lock tools. In addition, people like me would definitely forward a step further and install top premium android app lockers at high price to secure personal apk digital data which include Messaging, Contacts, Media files (Photos, Videos), social media, mobile banking apps, and other personal digital documents from others. If you’re mi phone admin then you should say thanks to Xioami as it comes with built-in app lock tool for free.

Security should be the primary aim for effective digital experience. As you setup mobile security against cyber frauds so in the same way one should have mobile privacy. For example if you’ve been engaged with someone through WhatsApp, FB, chat messaging apps which has got no app lock but unluckily a friend you took your mobile and read all conversations you made from onwards he teases in front office colleagues, friends and acquaintance of at one point of time how would feel? This kind of situation happens in every sphere of life or work place.

applock for redmi 3s phone

This Tip is for Newbies who has bought Android running Xioami MIUI 7 (redmi prime 3S) smart phones. The Mi App Lock function doesn’t allow you to download third party app locker from play store to get your apps locked.

Here is a quick guide on How Do I Lock Apps in MiUi7 that will let you freely lock desired apps in your android phone.

Firstly Go to Phone Settings

xioami redmi 3s prime settings

Tap on Additional Settings > Privacy > Privacy Protection

miui7 additional settions

miui7 privacy

miui privacy protection

Here at the bottom you will view App Lock Tap on it

redmi 3s prime app lock tool

Set a pattern or password for privacy

miui7 phone pattern

After that you will navigate to system apps here make sure which android apps have to be locked for that select apps that you want to keep away from others it could be YouTube, Contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, or anything else that’s your choice.

locking apps in miui7 phone

After locking apps in Xioami MiUi7 platform redmi 3 and 3S prime phone, if you want to open locked apps you’re asked to enter pattern or password then only you will view locked apps in your android phone.
applock patteren for youtube

So, all your private content is secured from family and friends until they know app lock pass code.

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