Top Google Chrome Shortcuts for Faster Browser Search

Keyboard Shortcuts are very helpful in completing different types of writing and editing documents. If you’re a regular PC user, obviously you should have some desktop keyboard hotkeys to fasten the work flow. In the same way if we go online through any web browser to experience faster results should be known top browser short cuts.

For example to add bookmark shortcut is ctrl D, it is common in any browser whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Like this we have so many browser keyboard short cuts to find new things online in a less time. So today we’re going to know common and useful Chrome Shortcut keys as many people around the world switch to chrome as default web browser.

chrome home shortcut

Here are few handy Chrome Browser Shortcut Keyboard Hot keys

Chrome New Tab shortcut (CTRL T)-Multi tasking is required when you’re asked to find or search for various results.

Chrome Downloads shortcut-Most of the novice users couldn’t find their recent downloaded files list what exactly they did. Say thanks to (CTRL-J) this action will open downloads folder.

Chrome history short cut key-Having done web search with so many websites, video channels, social media blogs if your computer seems to be slowing down its pace then go for (CTRL SHIFT DEL) and {CTRL H} to clear browsing data.

chrome history shortcut

This function can permanently delete browsing history, download history, recently or the beginning of time cookies, cached images and files, passwords, Autofill form data, hosted app data and other unwanted temporary registry entries from your browser.

Chrome keyboard shortcut for recently closed web page is (CTRL SHIFT T) this chrome hot key will reopen the favourite web address that you unfortunately closed.

As far as consider about online security these days it has become the most awful thing even though the browser is built with essential and effective layer protection. May be Chrome incognito which is a Privacy browsing tool might come from that idea. If you want to switch Chrome incognito do this act (CTRL SHIFT N)

Google Chrome Shortcut for Top Page Navigation press HOME Button. When you deeply reading the Wikipedia article at the end of session you would be probably at webpage footer so immediately go for top section it is very helpful instead, scrolling mouse pointer.

Hope these Google Chrome Browser shortcuts helpful to you (novice). If you’re proficient in browser tricks and tips feel a bit old bottle with new water take it easy. This post is mainly for beginners.

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