How To Install Run Double WhatsApp in Single Android Phone

WhatsApp is the most revolutionary group mobile application after Facebook being used by millions of people around the world that connects community far better than anything else. Creating free WhatsApp account in your android, iPhone devices you can easily send and receive chat, SMS, images, videos across friends and family members instantly through internet. Clearly students use whatsApp as messaging app and some use it for office work. If you have been engaged with WhatsApp for some time you would probably best knew about its advantages in a life cycle.

Anyway let’s jump into the dual whatsApp account in one phone. After commencement of 2 SIM built android mobile phones most people are using multiple phone numbers, one is for personal and another is for professional purpose. And just to be clear, here I want to present picture in your mind about the need of two whatsApp account in one smartphone. A friend of mine is deeply involved in strong relations. On the other side he does pearl business where he is asked to send and receive sample images of products to his customers and clients. In such condition it’s better to run double whatsApp apk in single phone to easily manage work and family community people.

If you ask me how to use double whatsApp in one phone it can be possible with outsource WhatsApp extension apk for android but not for iOS devices. In Play store you can install Disa whatsApp plugin that will allow you to use two WhatsApp verified sim numbers at a time. Again if you rise question to me that officially WhatsApp account doesn’t support with two phone numbers then how could it be and what about security and privacy is your next doubt then here is answer. Disa WhatsApp is a multi messenger app hub here you can manage other social media apps in one device and it is safe.

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How to activate two whatsApp accounts in same android phone

two whatsapp accounts in one phone

To use 2 whatsApp in one phone first you need to download and install disa whatsApp plugin (disa qr code) that will ensure your settings perfect for your android phone without any error.

Go to Play Store & Install Disa WhatsApp in your phone

Then Open App > In Services Tap on >> Add Service

2 whatsapps for same phone

After that you will be taken to choose plugin manager Tap on > WhatsApp that’s it

2 whatsapp in one phone

Then agree to Terms and Conditions > Follow the WhatsApp Setup Wizard directions you did for WhatsApp name and mobile number verification.(Make sure enter alternative phone number and do check it once which is not used for primary WhatsApp account)

use two whatsapp in single phone

Friends hope you well understand the quick guide on how to setup two whatsapp apk in single smartphone. If you're interested to run dual whatsapp in the same mobile phone it is best alternative instead gbwhatsApp.

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